Connecting Your Email to Your Phone



1. Navigate to Settings

2. Go to Accounts & sync

3. Select Mail Account and click Add

4. Follow Initial Prompt, typically email address and password, but go to manual setup

5. Enter Following Settings

a. Username: (full address)

b. Password: Students password

c. Protocol: IMAP

d. Incoming Server name:

e. Port:993

f. Encryption Method: SSL

g. SMTP/outgoing server name:

h. Port:587

i. Encryption Method: TLS

6. Hit next and follow the prompts to completion.



1. Navigate to Settings

2. Go to Mail, Contact, and Calendars

3. Press Add Account

4. Scroll to the very bottom and select Other

5. Select Add Mail Account

6. Have the user enter the following:

a. Name: Users first name and last name

b. Email: Students Newberry email address (

c. Password: Password provided by Newberry College to access email

d. Description: Newberry

7. Select Next at top of screen

8. Scroll down to Incoming Mail Server

9. Enter the following:

a. Hostname:

b. Username:

c. Password: Should already be filled in, if not have student enter password for Newberry College email account.

10. Scroll down to Outgoing Mail Server

11. Enter the following:

a. Host Name:

b. Username:

c. Password: Password for students Newberry College email account

12. Select Next

NOTE: On apple the user will need to supply their password on the outgoing server setting otherwise they cannot CC themselves on emails sent from the device.

13. After all information is put in; Hit Save and follow the prompts to completion.